The Classic Trio

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Neutral Light
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This kit is specially developed for you who want a natural and lfresh look - our best-selling transparent Brow Gel together with our anti-inflammatory concealer with a wonderful BB formula and our caring mascara that opens your eyes.

Clear Brow Gel is a transparent fixing eyebrow gel that you can use just as it is, or at the end of your styling to keep your eyebrow look in place. One of our absolute best sellers, year after year. 

Calming BB Concealer is an anti-inflammatory, soothing concealer that, with the help of its BB formula, balances and retains moisture in the skin, while at the same time matting and naturally melting into the skin. Lighten up around your eyes and eyebrows to enhance your styling or use to cover blemishes with a light to medium coverage. 

What Mascara gives your lashes volume, length and intensity with a rich, matte black color while caring for them while you wear them. The creamy velvety formula contains active ingredients that are also found in ours Repair Serum which moisturizes, protects and keeps your lashes soft and flexible all day long.