The Fabulous Trio

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Soft Brown
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This kit is for those who like to achieve a wow effect; three musts for defined, fixed and fluffy eyebrows along with long, voluminous and intensely matte black lashes. 

Marking Brow Pen is a completely unique product for your eyebrows in its combination of a liquid marker with a tattoo effect together with a small triangular pencil (which is a miniature of our bestseller Brow Twist) with extra fine application and structure. This perfect duo with two different shades on each side with a water-resistant formula gives you plenty of opportunities to create a new brow look every day. 

Brow Lift Soap is a gentle, transparent Brow Soap that holds the most unruly brows in place. Lift, sculpt and tailor your brow look every day with extra good fixation and fullness while the active ingredients nurture and strengthen your hair. Spool brush included. 

Care Mascara gives your lashes volume, length and intensity with a rich, matte black color while caring for them while you wear them. The creamy velvety formula contains active ingredients that are also found in ours Repair Serum which moisturizes, protects and keeps your lashes soft and flexible all day long.