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Arch Eyebrows

You have (or should have) the perfect frame - Arch Eyebrows! The eyebrows are well-shaped, distinctive,
and goes in symmetrical lines with the shape of the eye. Usually fits round, sometimes oval faces that are often very proportionate, which fits like the hand in the glove with the symmetrical brow type Arch.


Below we have developed some treatments and products that best suit your ultimate brow type!


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Luxury Brows

25MIN / 399KR.
Our most booked treatment. Threading, and shaping to really get the right shape and coloring adapted to your wishes.


Lash Lift

60MIN / 950KR.
Complement your brow look with a real wow effect for your lashes! Popular Lash Lift lifts the lashes in a permanent L-bend, the result lasts for up to 6-8 weeks.


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Our best seller for eyebrow pencil. Quickly enhance the shape of the brow with the creamy formula and triangular tip. Suitable for both beginners and professionals! Do you want help choosing the color shade? Do ours quiz.


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For those of you who prefer a drier formula, we recommend our classic Brow Pen. The pen is made of wood and is also incredibly expensive and affordable. Just do not forget to buy a pencil sharpener!


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