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Curve Eyebrows

We recommend you the S-shaped brow type, also called Curve Eyebrow or S Curve Eyebrow. The shape is a mixture of round, soft shapes at the front of the brow and a marked Arch-arch. Fits a heart-shaped face with a smaller jaw line and a wider forehead.


Below we have developed some treatments and products that best suit your ultimate brow type!


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Classic Brows

15MIN / 299KR.
To really get the right shape, we recommend you our classic and simple threading treatment - Classic Brows.


Fabulous Brows

30MIN / 499KR.
For those of you who want to add a little color to both eyebrows and lashes, as well as thread and shape according to your eyebrow type, we recommend Fabulous Brows.


Lash Curl

40MIN / 750KR.
Complement your brow look with naturally curved and colored lashes with the help of a Lash Curl. We permanently bend your lashes in a C-bend for a lively look.


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Our best seller for eyebrow pencil. Quickly enhance the shape of the brow with the creamy formula and triangular tip. Suitable for both beginners and professionals! Do you want help choosing the color shade? Do ours quiz.



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Frame and enhance the shape and color of the brows with our popular brow shadow Brow Shadow. Two shades allow you to shade yourself to perfection.


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