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Rounded Eyebrows

Rounded Eyebrows are best for you, which means that the eyebrows have a rounder shape with a clearer natural, rounded arch. The brow type is softer, often slightly narrower and frames more square faces perfectly.


Below we have developed some treatments and products that best suit your ultimate brow type!


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Brow Lift

50MIN / 750KR.
The Brow Lift trend is perfect for you! We permanent the brows according to your shape and together with protein and keratin we also build up the hairs. The result gives malleable and fluffy dream brows!


Luxury Brows

25MIN / 399KR.
Our most booked treatment. Threading, shaping and coloring adapted to the needs of your eyebrows (and your wishes).


Protein Treatment

30MIN / 399KR.
Complete with a caring treatment for your lashes! The treatment also gives you fuller lashes as it contains the same type of protein treatment that is included in Brow Lift.


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A Brow Gel with color gives stability and extra color to your eyebrows. Can be used on its own or with other styling products. Do you want help choosing the color shade? Do ours quiz.



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Reinforce your soft shape with a soft product. Our Brow Shadow has two shades, one lighter and one darker so you can find your ultimate shade. Best used with Brow Pencil Loose 2.


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