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Straight Eyebrows

We recommend the straighter village type, Straight Eyebrows. A predominantly straight shape with a sharp little arc at the end of the wing. If you have an oval or oblong face, you should really invest in straight eyebrows, think well-shaped but not too dramatic eyebrows. To balance a face shape like yours, it can be good to extend the eyebrows a bit in the outer corner of the eye.


Below we have developed some treatments and products that best suit your ultimate brow type!


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Brow Tint  

10MIN / 215KR.
Many straight eyebrows need nothing more than a little eyebrow color to really get their right shapes and appearance. We adapt the color to your wishes!


Classic Brows

15MIN / 299KR.
If you want to strengthen and adjust the shape, we recommend Classic Brows - threading and shaping the eyebrows in just 15 minutes. A real quick fix!


Brow Lift

50MIN / 750KR.
The Brow Lift trend fits many brow shapes and if you want to add a little structure and fullness to your straight shape, the Brow Lift treatment suits you perfectly. We permanent the eyebrows according to the shape of your eyebrows and together with protein and keratin we also build up the hair strands. The result gives malleable and fluffy dream brows!


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Brow Paint - Rapide Brow & Lash Bar

To get the shape of your straight eyebrows in the best way, we recommend our pomade Brow Paint. The formula is creamy, waterproof and thus very durable. However, the product may require training, but once you have learned the technique, you will never want to use anything else for your eyebrows.


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Frame and enhance the shape and color of the brows with our popular brow shadow Brow Shadow. Two shades allow you to shade yourself to perfection.


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If you want a fast styling that keeps your eyebrows in place all day, we recommend our favorite Brow Gel Clear. Works only as it is or to "attach" other styling.


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