Brow Paint

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Ash / Blessed
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What : A soft, creamy, waterproof and highly pigmented eyebrow color that adheres to both skin and hair. It can give a natural as well as a sharp and defined result, depending on what you prefer. Can also be used as an eyeliner.

For you who want the most durable styling in wet and dry as well as the most prominent and instagram-friendly eyebrows. Our Brow Paint is very expensive and much creamier than the friends in the store.

Works every day, all year round. Why not use this multi-product for fine dining or on a sun holiday. It is also perfect to use as eyeliner for the party night or a normal Thursday in February. A must-have product, quite simply!

How to: Dip a suitable brush (such as Brow Pencil Fixed 1 ) into Brow Paint. Pull off a bit for a more natural look. Mark where the brow hairs begin, up to the highest point and go from the center of the brow and down the wing. Fill in the entire brow but softer at the front. Brush down from the top and up to get the color into the brow.