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This kit is for those who want to care for what you already have - Repair Serum is a growth serum that also nourishes both your lashes and eyebrows and is are gentle enough to be used both morning and evening. Use  Care Mascara during daytime which contains the same active ingredient as our serum and also adds volume, length and an intense matte black color.

Repair Serum is our first serum for your lashes and eyebrows - the product stimulates your hair roots with a sustainably produced algae extract from Tahiti and cares for and repairs your hair while giving effect. The serum gives you volume and length makes your hairs stronger and increases the density of the lashes.
Daily use of the serum shows results after 14 days and full effect on day 42.

Care Mascara gives your lashes volume, length and intensity with a rich, matte black color while caring for them while you wear it. The creamy velvety formula contains active ingredients that are also found in our Repair Serum which moisturizes, protects and keeps your lashes soft and flexible all day long.