How to Tint Your Brows at Home

Såhär färgar du brynen hemma

Tinting the brows not only gives a pair of prettier brows - it also adds fullness, a clearer shape and can really make brow styling easier in the morning. Tinting your brows yourself at home is neither difficult nor complicated, and with our complete home tinting kit Brow Tint, it's easier than ever. Here we teach you how to get started with coloring your brows yourself at home!


Step 1: Prepare

Before you start applying your brow color, make sure you have everything you need close at hand. We recommend having tops, wet cotton pads, paper and Vaseline close at hand. Also, be careful to put your hair up or to use a hair band , so as not to accidentally get color in your hair in the middle of everything.

If you want to shape/pluck your brows in connection with your color treatment, it is important to always do the hair removal after you have dyed your brows, to avoid getting color into open, infection-sensitive hair follicles.


Step 2: Clean

Always clean the brow area and pat dry before applying your brow color for best results. Oils from the skin or products, or make-up residues that remain can cause the brow color to be uneven or not stick. We recommend using our Cleansing Foam which effectively and gently cleans before you start.


Step 3: Vaseline

If you are new to brow color, applying Vaseline or an oily cream can be helpful to prevent color that comes outside of your brow shape from sticking to the skin. Using the fat cream, draw a thin line around the eyebrows where you don't want the color to stick; under, over and between the eyebrows, being careful not to get cream on the hairs. Use our Duo Brush for extra precision or a regular top as an aid.


Step 4: Mix the color

Always mix equal parts 3% oxidant with amount of paint; for example, 1 cm of color together with 1 cm of oxidant. Our new Brow Tint contains 15ml oxidant which activates the color and 3x5ml shades with color to mix as desired; Soft Brown, Deep Brown and Matt Black.


  1. Soft Brown = Light brown shade
  2. Soft Brown + Deep Brown = Medium brown shade
  3. Deep Brown = Dark brown shade
  4. Deep Brown + Matt Black = Black-brown shade
  5. Matt Black = Matt black shade


ATTENTION! Be sure to screw the cap firmly onto the tubes to ensure a long shelf life. 3% Oxidant loses its strength if exposed to air for a long time.


Step 5: Apply the color

Choose to apply your brow color with either an application stick or flush brush. The stick gives a defined brow with clear lines, which suits you who want a clear shape and perfectly framed brows. The flush brush gives a fluffy and more natural result, perfect for those of you who want to start your color journey softly, if you do Brow Lift with us or maybe for the male brows! Go in with a tip to adjust the brow shape or to remove color that has come outside the brows.


Step 6: Waiting time

Depending on your desired intensity and durability, you can choose to wear the color for different lengths of time. Start clocking immediately upon application of the first brow.

3-4 min Gives a slightly toned effect - for those who only want a light refresh. The color lasts for about 1 week.

5-6 min Gives medium to natural coverage - for those who want a slightly deeper but still natural result. The color lasts for about 2-3 weeks.

8-10 min Deep and full coverage - for those who want an intense, deep effect. The color lasts for about 3-4 weeks.


ATTENTION! If you have recently done a Brow Lift, the effect time should be shortened by 2-3 minutes. This is because the scales in the hair have already been "opened" by the permanent fluid and the color then sticks much faster.


Step 7: Remove the paint

After your expiration date, use a wet cotton pad to thoroughly remove the paint. Start with the brow that you first applied the color to, wait a bit and then continue with the other brow to get an even coloring between the two. Be careful to ensure that no color remains in the brows. Feel free to brush through the brows with a flush brush to make sure all the color is gone.


Step 8: Exit

Feel free to end your routine with plucking your brows to also achieve a neat shape. To moisturize and fix the brows, feel free to use a brow serum or a brow gel; our Care & Growth Serum and Clear Brow Gel both contain caring ingredients that strengthen, moisturize and add shine to the hairs!


Why should I choose Rapide Brow Tint for my home tinting?

Choose between ordering only our starter kit Brow Tint which contains everything you need to customize the coloring of your brows; three different shades of color to mix as desired ( Soft Brown , Deep Brown , Matt Black ), a 15ml oxidant that activates the color, a reusable glass cup to mix the color and flush brush and paint stick for the perfect application over and over again.

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