Discover threading - our hair removal technique

Upptäck trådning - vår hårborttagningsteknik

At Rapide, we use threading as our choice of hair removal technique for a cleaner, smoother and more long lasting result that is also gentle on the skin.

Threading is the world's oldest hair removal technique. The craft is performed on both men and women to remove unwanted facial hair growth.

How does threading work?

Using a cotton thread you slide over the skin and pull the hairs up from the root. It leaves a cleaner and smoother surface compared to many other techniques. The hair does not have to be very long to be able to remove them - 1.5 millimeters is enough.

Why should I choose threading?

Threading is a natural and environmentally friendly technique that provides a sustainable and gentle result for all skin types! Perfect for those who want to skip chemical wax and painful electronic devices. Threading is also circulation-increasing and has an exfoliating effect on the skin - the result is silky smooth skin that is free from hair.

What is included in a threading treatment?

In addition to the actual threading of your chosen area cleaning, talc and cooling aloe vera are also included in all threading treatments.

What should I think about after my treatment?

Be careful about sunbathing, swimming, bathing and exercising for the first 24 hours. The hair follicles have not had time to close during that time period and are therefore exposed to infection. Also be careful not to touch the skin surface, do not use dirty makeup brushes or active skin products on the area. It can contribute to skin irritation and in the worst case also infections of the skin.

When is a return visit recommended?

The visit intervals are individual, but a standard is 3-4 weeks for eyebrows and 4-6 weeks for the face.

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