Treatments and booking

How do I book a treatment?

I can not remember my booked time, how can I cancel?


Do you have an age limit for your treatments?

Do you offer the same price on all Brow Bars?

Can I expect the same results from my treatment when I am pregnant?

How do I know which treatment suits me best?

Products and orders online

What are your purchase terms and return policy?

What are your shipping costs?

I want to return my order

I have missed to download my order What happens now?

I want to complain about a product. How do I go about?

Jag need help finding the right product for me

< I'm not happy with my treatment. What do I do?


I have received an invoice for a booking I missed to cancel. Why?

I have questions / problems with my account / pages for my Brow Club membership. What do I do?

I have problems making my booking, what do I do?

I need help with my order online. What do I do?

Can I buy a gift card from Rapide?