Gel, soap or pen? Find the best product for your eyebrows!

Gel, soap eller pen? Hitta bästa produkten för just dina bryn!

Gel, soap or pen - which of all the different eyebrow products will suit you and your eyebrows best? Given that today there is a huge market for eyebrow products in particular, it is not always easy to know which of all the different variants to choose. What suits my eyebrows best? Which products will give me the result I want? How many products do I have to use, and in what way and order?

Of course, we want everyone to be able to achieve perfection when it comes to styling their eyebrows. To make it a little easier for you, we have chosen to put together a short but comprehensive eyebrow guide, which will hopefully give you answers to all your questions!

Eyebrow guide - what suits you best?

So ​​which product will suit you best? We would say that it all depends on what your eyebrows look like, how you are used to style them, and what result you wish to achieve. Depending on what your particular situation looks like, one or more products will fit more or less well.

Transparent brow gel

An eyebrow gel is perfect for those who want to be able to shape your eyebrows in an easy and natural way. A brow gel will ensure that your eyebrows stay in place without them feeling or looking particularly fixed. The result is a soft impression that can be completely customized as needed.

A brow gel can be used completely on its own as well as the final finish to other products. Our Clear Brow Gel is a really good tip for you who want an easy-to-work, durable and transparent product.

Colored brow gel

A colored brow gel has the same properties as a transparent gel, but with the advantage that you get color and more fullness! If you are still looking for a natural result but have neither the time nor the desire to fill in the brows with a pen, a colored brow gel is the perfect middle ground. With just a few strokes, the brows look fuller, more defined and have a more intense color.

For those who want to buy an eyebrow gel that is a little more visible, we can recommend Tint & Fiber Brow Gel which contains as much as 3% fiber. The formula builds length on your exsisting hairs, which gives you the dense brows you have always dreamed of!

Brow soap

Another option when it comes to eyebrow shaping products is a brow soap. You have probably heard of soap brows (and if not you can read more here ). If you yourself feel like jumping on the extremely popular trend, it's about time for you to invest in a proper brow soap.

With an eyebrow soap, you can shape your eyebrows so that they become wonderfully feathery, fluffy and fuller looking. A brow soap, such as our Brow Lift Soap , will keep your eyebrows in place all day. Perfect for those who want the effect of fuller looking eyebrows.

Eyebrow pencil

An eyebrow pencil is the perfect investment for those who want to be able to fill in your eyebrows in the most natural way. Because an eyebrow pencil, or brow pencil as it is also may be called, is often designed with a narrow tip, it is very simple and easy to fill in your eyebrows and create the illusion of fuller eyebrows.

If you choose an eyebrow pencil that is a little wider, you can get a slightly more marked result, which both looks and feels very natural. The best thing is that you can choose which brow pencil suits your eyebrows and your taste best. Marking Brow Pen is very simple and comfortable to work with, and gives really nice results.

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