Do you want nice, new eyebrows? 7 things to think about before your vacation.

Nya snygga bryn? 7 saker att tänka på inför semestern.

Summer and long-awaited holidays are coming. Before vacation it is quite common to visti the beauty parlors to fix both hair, lashes and eyebrows - All to go on holiday looking as your freshest self! And surely there are few things that beats the feeling after a salon visit?

Below we list 7 things you should keep in mind for your brows to be on fleek all summer long!

1. 24 hour rule.

There are several things to keep in mind the first 24 hours after fixing your eyebrows. The most important thing is that you make sure to keep your eyebrows completely dry the first day. This means that you should not shower, wash your face or ignore an umbrella if the day offers rain.

Also try to sleep on your back. When sleeping on the side, the pillow is often pressed against the eyebrows and this can lead to them getting the wrong shape. Hardest of all - Do not touch! The oil from the fingertips can both ruin the result and create impurities in the form of pimples.

2. The dipping must wait.

During the summer, there are few things as nice as a cooling dip in the ocean or sea, but feel free to avoid bathing a few days after you've had your eyebrows fixed. This way, you can feel completely confident that they have had time to settle down properly.

3. Threading treatment? Avoid this!

If you use very active skin care in the form of acids and retinol, it can be good to let those products rest on the shelf for a few days. After you have had a threading treatment, the hair follicles are still open 24 hours after the treatment, which makes them extra exposed to infection. If you use very active skin care products in the area, the skin can react negatively in the form of blemishes or inflamed hair follicles - in short, nothing you want to bring to the party this summer!

4. No scrub!

To achieve that real summery glow, it's good to scrub away dead skin cells continuously. However, be careful not to scrub directly on your eyebrows, then your nice result will disappear faster.

5. Brush brush brush.

Having an eyebrow brush close at hand will help you maintain that luxurious feeling from when your eyebrows were freshly made. Brush through them every day, and if they are extra unruly, keratin oil or a little water can quickly solve the problem!

6. Think ahead!

Try to think strategically when you book your appointment for your eyebrows. You want to avoid having to sit on the pool edge in Spain because you fixed your eyebrows right before the flight took off, but you also want to make sure that your returning visit isn't going to take place in the middle of the holiday when there are a thousand other things you want to focus on.

7. Use the right type of products.

In order to really maximize the time that your eyebrows stay beautiful, you should invest in the right type of products. They should help you to both maintain the appearance of the eyebrows but should also make sure to protect and strengthen them. An eyebrow gel helps you maintain that fresh look all the way until it's time for your returning visit. Or why not try our Brow Lift Soap which with its strong fixation makes the brows stay in place all day!

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