How to get the perfect soap brows - 5 important tips!

Så får du till perfekta soap brows - 5 viktiga tips!

If you stay reasonably up to date in the beauty world, you probably haven't missed one of the latest, most popular trends - soap brows!

The feather-like and full-bodied, but still so orderly and easy-going eyebrows are the perfect element in both everyday makeup and when you are going to a party.

The technic is an old trick from Hollywood, but in recent years it has been given new life in the beauty world, and the trend seems to be here to stay. We share our 5 best tips on how to get the perfect soap brows!

What is soap brows?

Soap brows, also called "soap eyebrows", simply means that you shape your eyebrows with the help of a soap-like product. The biggest focus is on shaping the eyebrows so that the hairs are feather like, that is, brushed and shaped so that they give the eye a lift. This makes the brow appear both fluffier and fuller.

Once you have the hairs in place, the eyebrow soap will set and keep the eyebrows in place for several hours. This is one of the many reasons why soap brows have become so popular - well-defined and fixed eyebrows with a long hold!

The trick that gives you perfect soap brows

So ​​how do you go about getting these perfect soap browsers? It doesn't have to be that difficult at all, but it is required that you know how to do it and which products to use for the result to be as fluffy and nice as you want. We list our 5 best tips and tricks on how you can receive your desired eyebrow look.

1. Brush your eyebrows first

Before you start using any products to shape your eyebrows, it is good to first brush the hairs in the position you then want them to have. When you start brushing your eyebrows, it will then be easier for you start using the product and get an idea of ​​what the eyebrow will look like.

2. Use a clean brush

Another thing to keep in mind is to use a clean brush. You can use a "spolie", or you can use a clean mascara or eyebrow brush (for example the one you have on your eyebrow pencil). Make sure to clean the brush between uses. Our Brow Lift Brush has double sides with two different sizes of brushes to get perfect brows.

3. Make sure the brush is slightly wet

If you make sure that your brush is a little wet before you start brushing your eyebrows with your product, it will be much easier and smoother to shape them. Otherwise, there is a risk that the product will be "too hard" and that instead of shaping the eyebrows in a nice way, it may clump, settle in the wrong place or dry too quickly.

4. Work with the product

We also want to advise you to work the product properly into your eyebrows. So do not only apply your eyebrow soap in just a few seconds, but make sure you have enough product on the brush and work it in by brushing the eyebrows several times. TIP! When you have achieved the result you want, lightly press the edge with your finger to fix the shape even more.

5. Use the right products

Last but not least, we also want to emphasize the importance of using the right products. As the "soap brows" trend has reached a broader target group, budget alternatives have emerged. For example, using a regular soap to create soap brows can rather do the opposite, where the brows get a matte white film that both dries out and impairs the quality of the brows. Therefore, invest in a specially developed brown soap that suits your wishes and conditions!

The products that solve the look!

Knowing which products to acquire to get these stylish, fluffy and full-bodied soap brows is not entirely easy. We therefore hope that our tips on products that solve the look can help you to get the perfect eyebrows!

Brow lift soap

One product we really want to recommend is our Brow Lift Soap. This one is really a winner when it comes to fluffy, full-bodied and durable soap brows. The soap is mild and easy to work with but at the same time makes your eyebrows stay in place all day. Even the wildest hairs can be tamed with Brow lift soap! The product both nurtures, strengthens and shapes.

Clear Brow Gel

For those who prefer to use a gel instead of an eyebrow soap in a jar, we can recommend Clear Brow Gel . This is a transparent eyebrow gel that shapes your eyebrows in an easy and natural way and works best on already quite full eyebrows to reach the effect. The formula is specifically designed to strengthen and nourish your eyebrows, while applying moisture and nourishment.

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