It all started with us seeing a need and a change in the behavior of our customers. At the same time, we had a dream of creating a unique beauty concept that did not exist in the Nordic market. A beauty concept that was adapted to the modern woman with demands for accessibility and a quick result.

Our biggest mission was to offer beauty to everyone. That it would be as simple as any "grab and go" concept. We wanted to change how women see and feel their eyebrows. A small area that can make a big difference.

The result was our first Brow Bar where you can easily sit down and receive tailored treatments from our specially trained stylists.

To succeed in creating the unique beauty experience, the obvious choice for us was to develop the millennial hair removal method threading, which gives a gentle and durable result and was well proven throughout history. We also wanted to establish our brown bars in the most premium locations in the big cities.

At an early stage, it also became important for us to develop our own product line with everything you need to be able to recreate and maintain the perfect result for your next visit. Our products are developed with solid knowledge of people's colors, shapes, needs and personalities. Carefully selected and tested down to the smallest detail. 

Together with our team of creators, we want to change how you feel and look.

We give the world new eyes.


Sussie Lundquist & Tilda Nordh

Co-founders and owners

Rapide AB