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Want lashes with a Wow-effect? Then Lash Lift is a treatment that would suit you perfectly! By doing a Lash Lift, you can get perfectly curved lashes with an L-shaped curl that lasts for several weeks, without you having to use eyelash curlers, false eyelashes or even mascara yourself. You save time and energy while being gentle on your actual lashes.

At Rapide, you are very welcome to book an appointment for a Lash Lift . We have many years of experience in performing this type of treatment, which means that you as a customer can feel safe in the hands of our Brow Artists regardless of previous conditions. At Rapide, we make sure you leave the salon satisfied at all times!

What is Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift means that you perm the lashes in an L-shaped curl so that they have a lifting effect that lasts for several weeks. This is exactly why the treatment is called Lash Lift, because you "lift the lashes".

The treatment makes your eyes look more alert and gives you a more vibrant look. Thanks to the fact that you also dye the lashes at the same time, they will look denser, fuller and darker, and at the same time completely natural. Perfect for those who want nice lashes but still avoid all the work with lash curlers, false eyelashes and mascara.

How long does a Lash Lift last?

How long a Lash Lift lasts depends on your previous conditions and how you entertain the treatment. As a rule, however, it is usually said that a Lash Lift lasts up to 6 weeks.

Some of the benefits of Lash Lift

  • Leave the mascara

A Lash Lift eliminates the parts of the eye makeup that you usually do every day, curl and color. You do not have to mess with mascara and eliminate the risk of putting the brush straight in the eye in the morning. We all know about that pain.

  • Always perfectly curled

Many people with straight lashes have a hard time getting that perfect curl with an eyelash curler, and it rarely lasts very long. With a Lash Lift, we give you the optimal curl for your lashes, which will last for several weeks.

  • Increased visual length

By adapting the coil to your specific lashes, we give them optimal visual effect - the lashes look much longer!

Lash Lift before / after

Not everyone feels comfortable doing different types of procedures or using different cosmetics, especially not when it comes to the face. At the same time, you may dream of looking a little more alert, without having to use makeup or tools that wear and tear on different parts of the face.

lash lift före/efter

The advantage of Lash Lift is that the treatment is very quick and easy to carry out. It is also very gentle and you risk neither discomfort nor any unwanted consequences of the treatment. At the same time, with a Lash Lift you can get a more alert look with your natural lashes in focus. And you save a lot of time every morning!

There is no doubt that you see a big difference before and after a Lash Lift. Regardless of whether you already have few, short and light lashes or if you have a little thicker, longer and darker, the treatment will help to emphasize and give your natural lashes a wonderful lift!

Recommended products - for even better results

Do you want even more visible, long-lasting results from your Lash Lift? Then we can recommend you to try our lash products; Care Mascara and Repair Serum . Care Mascara is a mascara that gives your lashes an extra lift, which makes your lashes look extra voluminous, dark and long while it nourishes and strengthens the lashes from the inside

Repair Serum is a serum that you apply to your lashes both morning and evening. This serum stimulates the hair roots with a sustainably produced algae extract from Tahiti and contributes to your natural lashes both feeling and looking better. The serum cares for and repairs the lashes in depth so that they can grow denser, stronger and healthier. Perfect to supplement with after your lash lift!

All of our products are vegan and cruelty free.

repair serum och care mascara

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