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You have definitely not missed that Brow Lift is an extremely popular treatment for eyebrows right now. Do you want to catch up on the trend and see what a Brow Lift can do for your eyebrows? Then you are warmly welcome to book an appointment with us at Rapide.

We have many years of experience in treatments for your eyebrows, such as Brow Lift. No matter what your specific needs and wishes are for your eyebrows, we make sure to adapt your Brow Lift treatment accordingly. Our goal is for you to always leave us happy, with exactly the result you dreamed of!

What is Brow Lift?

Brow Lift, also called Brow Lamination, is a treatment that contains a permanent that keeps your eyebrows in a desired shape that lasts for several weeks. Usually we direct the straws upwards, which gives the brows a full and voluminous look. A Brow Lift also includes color of eyebrows and a protein treatment that makes your hair both fuller and longer. We also thread and shape your eyebrows as desired. The treatment helps to make your face look more vibrant and gives a wonderful lift.

How long does a Brow Lift last?

The effect of a Brow Lift lasts for up to 6 weeks. However, the result may vary depending on your personal circumstances and how you maintain the treatment.

It is important to avoid soaking your eyebrows for 24 hours after treatment - after that, however, soak and brush through your eyebrows every morning.

Book Brow Lift with us at Rapide

Doing a Brow Lift treatment with us is both quick and easy - you book your treatment quickly with a few clicks via our online booking and we usually have many available times in your vicinity the same day. The treatment only takes 50 minutes.

You can always feel confident that all our Brow Artists deliver treatments with a quality stamp. Whatever your wishes, we make sure to give you the result you want, with nicely raised, shaped and colored eyebrows!

Some of the benefits of Brow Lift

  • Get fuller eyebrows

Eyebrows that are perceived as narrow often do so because the hairs are wrapped around and therefore obscure each other. A Brow Lift makes it possible to have full control of the straws and make more people visible, which makes the eyebrow feel fuller.

  • Get a more alert look
    In many cases, the hairs in the eyebrow have a growth direction downwards towards the eye, which can make the eyebrow feel "heavy" and sparse at the top. With Brow Lift you turn the direction of the strands upwards towards the forehead, which gives a fantastic lift for the whole face.

  • Shape your brows more easily

If you are blessed with bushy brows with many straws, the lamination effect makes the straws lie in place and look neat and well-groomed, all day every day.

Brow Lift before and after

Below you can see examples of Brow Lift that we have done on our customers. As the pictures show, there is a huge difference before and after.

Due to the lifting effect that the treatment gives, this can be a very good alternative to test if you yourself feel that the eyebrows are drooping, that you look tired or that you just want to liven up your face a little. A Brow Lift really makes a big difference!

brow lift före/efter

Recommended products for aftercare of Brow Lift

With Brow Lift, your entire face can get a proper lift by only improving what you already have.It is a gentle treatment that is done quickly and smoothly, where you will see really nice results

One thing you can do to see even clearer results of Brow Lift is to nurture and take care of your eyebrows yourself. You do this with our product Repair Serum , which is a lash and eyebrow serum that ensures that your natural eyebrows become denser, stronger and longer.

repair serum

For a more direct effect, you can turn to our product Brow Lift Soap which we ourselves call Brow Lift in a jar. With our eyebrow soap, you can quickly get the trendy "soap brow effect" by shaping and lifting your eyebrows in the way you like. If you have done a Brow Lift that is about to grow out, this product can help extend the effect.

All of our products are vegan and crulety free.

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