Take care of your eyebrows and eyelashes in the cold!

Vårda dina ögonbryn och ögonfransar rätt i kylan!

You are probably already aware that winter affects both your skin and your hair. But did you know that the cold air also affects your eyebrows and lashes? The cold is the master at emptying the hair follicles of moisture and it can both lead to the hair growing more slowly and falling off more easily. A normal growth period for your hair follicles looks like this: Grow, rest, fall off. Normally this happens at a slow pace but factors such as stress and cold can affect this growth period to stress through the first two steps which leads to your hair deteriorating sharply in quality.

Below we list some tips that will be a little extra important during the winter months to give you healthy lashes and eyebrows.

Exfoliate more!

Getting rid of dead skin cells is good for both skin and body. Therefore, make sure not to forget your eyebrows when exfoliating your face. Normally you might do this once a month but during the cooler months it is good to do this 1-2 times a week. Either you can exfoliate your eyebrows while scrubbing your face or you can just focus on the eyebrows. Use a face scrub and gently scrub it through your eyebrows using your fingers or a clean toothbrush to remove any dead skin cells. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and make sure there are no product left between your hairs. By doing this, you increase the blood circulation around your eyebrows and stimulate their growth.

I'm just going to… mascara!

When buying a mascara, it is not surprising that you judge it by how long and full lashes you get. Unfortunately, many mascaras contain substances that dry out your lashes. In the worst case, they lead to your lashes falling off faster and in the winter when your hair follicles are at their most sensitive, this is something you really want to avoid. Instead, opt for a mascara that contains ingredients that give you both the desired result but also care for your lashes while you wear it. At Rapide you can for example purchase our Care Mascara with active ingredients such as seaweed extract, organic shea butter and vitamin e. All these ingredients help to strengthen, nourish and soften your lashes. This ensures that long and full lashes are created while increasing their quality.

Life is short - Buy the serum!

A good quality serum will be your savior in times of need when both eyebrows and lashes are affected by cold air. The serum will make sure to strengthen your hair follicles and improve both the appearance and condition of the hair. How good does that sound? Our Repair Serum contains ingredients that keeps your hairs hydrated and ensures that both eyebrows and lashes grow faster. But it also prevents the hair from falling of as quickly as it tends to do during the winter. Use it daily to make sure your brows and lashes feel good all year round!

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