Rapide AB protects your personal privacy and strives for secure data protection. We never sell your personal information to others. This privacy policy explains how we collect and use your personal information. It describes your rights and how you can enforce them. You can always contact us with any questions

What is personal data?

Personal data is any form of information that can be directly or indirectly attributed to a physical person. We need to collect various personal data and process these partly for legal reasons but also to be able to give our customers the best possible service .. We must be able to answer why we collect data, ie what purpose they are for.

Responsible for collected information

Rapide AB, org.nr 556938-0727, Oppundavägen 62, 641 37 Katrineholm


What personal data is collected and why (purpose)

Purpose Type of processing of data Collected personal data

Purchase of products Delivery of goods Name

                                                                                            Social security number

                                                                                            Contact information

                                                                                            Payment history

                                                                                            Credit information

                                                                                            Purchase information

All this information is handled by Klarna.

Legal reason                           Fulfillment of the purchase agreement

Storage period  36 months due to being able to handle complaints and guarantees


Purpose Type of processing of data Collected personal data

Reservations of Receipt of reservations Name
treatment                 rebooking and cancellations Mobile number

                                  Dispatch of booking confirmation Mailaress

Sending an offer via email / sms Booked service

Geographical position

Legal reason               Fulfillment of the service agreement and for an increased user experience.

Storage period  Personal information collected in connection with registration or booking is stored for a maximum of 24 months after registration or the customer's latest booking. Geographical position is saved for 24 hours after approvals from the customer.  


Purpose Type of processing of data Collected personal data

Customer management - Communication on possible issues Name
service matters concerning customer service by telephone, Contact information
digital channels. Correspondence

                                    Investigation of complaints and support Opportunity, place, time

Legal reason             Legitimate interest. Necessary to be able to provide the customer with service

Storage period  Until the case is closed


Information collected for our customer club BrowClub

Purpose Type of processing of data Collected personal data

Administration of Correct Information for Sending Names
membership out offer Mobile number

                                                                                              Email address (optional)

                                                                                              Birthday (optional)

                                                                                              Visitor history

Management of bonus- Registration and calculation of points
Communication about bonuses
Transfer of bonus upon purchase


Legal reason               Fulfillment of membership agreement

Storage period  Until the customer wants to cancel or 1 year after the last visit.          


Who can we share your personal information with?

Personal data assistants. In cases where it is necessary for us to be able to offer our services, we share your personal information with companies that are so-called personal data assistants for us. A personal data assistant is a company that processes the information on our behalf and according to our instructions. We have personal data assistants who help us with:

1) Transport (logistics companies and freight forwarders).

2) Payment solutions (card redeeming companies, banks and other payment service providers).

3) Marketing (print and distribution, social media, media agencies or advertising agencies).

4) IT services (companies that handle the necessary operation, technical support and maintenance of our IT solutions).

When your personal data is shared with personal data assistants, it is only for purposes that are consistent with the purposes for which we have collected the information (eg to be able to fulfill our obligations under the purchase agreement or the loyalty program's membership terms). We check all personal data assistants to ensure that they can provide adequate guarantees regarding the security and confidentiality of personal data

Companies that are independently responsible for personal data. We also share your personal data with certain companies that are independently responsible for personal data. The fact that the company is independently responsible for personal data means that we are not in control of how the information provided to the company is to be processed. Independent personal data controllers with whom we share your personal data are:

1) State authorities (police, tax authorities or other authorities) if we are obliged to do so by law or in case of suspicion of crime.

2) Companies that handle general goods transport (logistics companies and freight forwarders).

3) Companies that offer payment solutions (card redeeming companies, banks and other payment service providers).

When your personal data is shared with a company that is independently responsible for personal data, that company's privacy policy and personal data management apply.

How long do we store your personal information?

We never store your personal information for longer than is necessary for each purpose. See more about the specific storage periods under each purpose.

What are your registered rights?

Right of access (so-called register extract). You can at any time request access to the information we have collected

Right to rectification. You can request that your personal information be corrected if the information is incorrect. Within the framework of the stated purpose, you also have the right to supplement any incomplete personal data. You who are a member of Rapide AB can contact us and request a change of information.

Right to delete. You can request deletion of personal data we process about you. e-mail to hello@beautybook.se and requests that all data be deleted.

Please note that we may have the right to deny your request if there are legal obligations that prevent us from immediately deleting certain personal data. These obligations come from accounting and tax legislation, banking and money laundering legislation, but also from consumer law legislation. It may also be that the processing is necessary for us to be able to establish, assert or defend legal claims.

Direct marketing (including analyzes performed for direct marketing purposes): You have the opportunity to object to your personal data being processed for direct marketing. The objection also includes the analyzes of personal data (so-called profiling) that are performed for direct marketing purposes. Direct marketing refers to all types of outreach marketing measures (eg via mail, e-mail and text message. If you object to direct marketing, we will stop processing your personal data for that purpose as well as stop all types of direct marketing measures. Remember that you always have the opportunity to influence which channels we should use for mailings and personal offers, eg you can choose to only receive offers from us via e-mail, but not sms. In that case, you should not object to the personal data processing as such but instead limit our communication channels

How is your personal data protected?

We use IT systems to protect the confidentiality, integrity and access to personal data. We have taken special security measures to protect your personal data against illegal or unauthorized processing (such as illegal access, loss, destruction or damage). Only those people who actually need to process your personal data in order for us to fulfill our stated purposes have access to them.