Calming BB Concealer

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Calming BB Concealer is an anti-inflammatory, soothing concealer that, with the help of its BB formula, balances and retains moisture in the skin, while at the same time matting and naturally melting into the skin. Lighten up around your eyes and eyebrows to enhance your styling or use to cover blemishes with a light to medium coverage. 

Active ingredients

Squalane has an anti-inflammatory effect and contributes to a natural skin flora. It binds moisture, strengthens the skin barrier, reduces redness and reduces swelling. Does not clog the pores but settles easily on the skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil has a moisturizing, brightening, smoothing effect and works perfectly for oily / oily skin. Also has anti-aging properties.

Black Cumin Seed is an antioxidant that works well against free radicals. Maintains elasticity of the skin, binds moisture and has anti-aging properties that work against fine lines and wrinkles.